Where I’ve Been

It’s been almost a year since I last posted. A year, y’all. (And, let’s be honest, my April posts last year took almost zero effort.)

So, where have I been the past year?


It’s been an intense year. Previously seen on RachelBateman.com: I’d just signed with my lovely agent, Liza. Since then, she sold my book! And it’s coming out SOON! Like, next month soon.

Someone Else’s Summer releases from Running Press on May 9th, 2017! And you can preorder it now!

Ideally, I would’ve been jumping for joy and celebrating and blogging incessantly about this all year. (Do people even still blog? Am I just resurrecting a dinosaur here?) And believe me, there was much jumping for joy and celebrating. But there was also a lot of being miserable.

Not because of my book. The team at Running Press is phenomenal, and I am so lucky to have Julie Matysik as my editor. She is amazing.

Really I’ve been absent and miserable because – SURPRISE! – I had a baby six weeks ago. And, while my first pregnancy was a walk in the park, this one tried to knock me down any chance it got. So I pretty much spent nine months either crazy sick or in pain, doing just the bare minimum I needed to in order to get by. (Related: Geek Husband and Monster are the greatest, most patient people ever.)

But now I’m back! And we have some really fun things coming up for the launch of Someone Else’s Summer. I cannot wait to share them all with you!

I love to comments, and I love you!