(J)okes (K)ill (L)izards

So. Still trying to catch up to the letters I left behind when I was sick. I asked my buddy Jessica for topics for J, K, and L – with bonus points if they all worked into one post, and this is what she came up with.

Which is kinda funny (pun totally intended), because I was already thinking about writing about jokes. So here I go. I’m not really sure how lizards work in yet.

Wait. Wait. Figured it out.


I was thinking about jokes the other day, and about how so many jokes are made at the expense of others – let’s say lizards. Someone makes a joke riffing on lizards and their lizardiness. Everyone laughs. Maybe even the lizard in the back of the room laughs. Because, come on, the joke was funny, right?


Do we have to make our jokes at the expense of the lizards? I mean, maybe the joke really hurt that lizard’s feelings, but he laughed anyway, because that’s what you do when someone tells a joke.

Please, please, let’s just think about what we are saying when we joke. Are we laughing alongside someone, or are we actually laughing at the expense of that person? Or lizard. Or whatever.

Just something that’s been on my mind.

2 thoughts on “(J)okes (K)ill (L)izards

    1. It really is tricky. Because jokes, man, they are funny. For sure. I think we just need to be cognizant of people and whether they are laughing alongside us or not.

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