(D)rill Team

The Stars At Night takes place in small town Texas, in the world of competitive Drill Team.

(Think Bring It On but with Drill Team instead of Cheerleading. And a few other key differences I’m keeping secret so far. 🙂 )

I was on the drill team in high school. That’s right – I was a full blown high-kicking, baton-twirling, splits-doing drill girl. I wore the sparkly outfits and the awesome boots and the short short skirts. I was part of a fantastic team, and some of the girls are still some of my favorite people [redacted] years later.

(Mom, I know you’re reading this, but maybe not till after Tax Season ends? Either way, when you do read: Why do I not have any drill pictures? Where did they all go?!)

A year ago, as part of the big 50th anniversary celebration for my high school, we did a throwback routine. Basically what that means is they had a bunch of old ladies former Wranglers (that’s our drill team name, natch) come perform a routine at a basketball halftime show. One woman was from the first graduating class. She was pretty much the coolest. Being back in the gym, twirling my baton again (yes, I still had my baton from high school – what, you don’t?), brought back so many fond memories, and before long, the seed for The Stars At Night was born.

I’m loving this book so much, y’all – and I’ve not actually written yet. I’m still (finally) finalizing my outline. But it doesn’t matter, because I love El and Sadie and their team and their lives and their summer and their story.

And I’m loving the research I get to do (and holy commas I’ve learned how much different drill team is in Texas vs Montana):

And one from Utah because DANG. (Just ignore the “Kyle Kyle Kyle you were wrong” kid, mmmkay?)


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  1. I wasn’t in the drill team at school (not entirely sure what the UK equivalent would be) but I always wanted to know how to twirl a baton properly. Definitely something to add to my bucket list.

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