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(D)rill Team

The Stars At Night takes place in small town Texas, in the world of competitive Drill Team.

(Think¬†Bring It On but with Drill Team instead of Cheerleading. And a few other key differences I’m keeping secret so far. ūüôā )

I was on the drill team in high school. That’s right – I was a full blown high-kicking, baton-twirling, splits-doing drill girl. I wore the sparkly outfits and the awesome boots and the short short skirts. I was part of a fantastic team, and some of the girls are still some of my favorite people¬†[redacted] years later.

(Mom, I know you’re reading this, but maybe not till after Tax Season ends? Either way, when you do read: Why do I not have any drill pictures? Where did they all go?!)

A year ago, as part of the big 50th anniversary celebration for my high school, we did a throwback routine. Basically what that means is they had a bunch of old ladies former Wranglers (that’s our drill team name, natch) come perform a routine at a basketball halftime show. One woman was from the first graduating class. She was pretty much the coolest. Being back in the gym, twirling my baton again (yes, I still had my baton from high school – what, you don’t?), brought back so many fond memories, and before long, the seed for¬†The Stars At Night¬†was born.

I’m loving this book so much, y’all – and I’ve not actually written yet. I’m still (finally) finalizing my outline. But it doesn’t matter, because I love El and Sadie and their team and their lives and their summer and their story.

And I’m loving the research I get to do (and holy commas I’ve learned how much different¬†drill team is in Texas vs Montana):

And one from Utah because¬†DANG.¬†(Just ignore the “Kyle Kyle Kyle you were wrong” kid, mmmkay?)