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Sometimes writing takes you on a path you never intended to take. It sweeps you away on a journey that is both exhilarating and terrifying. It consumes you, morning, noon, and night; it woos you away from your other obligations and tasks.

Kilgore Rangerettes

The Stars at Night is set in the world of competitive Texas Drill Teams. These are the Kilgore Rangerettes…being a ‘rette is my main character’s biggest dream. Source.

It is the most amazing feeling.

That’s what’s happened with  Someone Else’s Summer. And it’s what’s happening now with a new project I’m calling The Stars at Night. It’s all I can think about. I eat, breathe, and dream it. I’ve not even started writing – I’m still in the process of plotting and outlining – but it’s already completely taken over my life.

Here’s the thing: I spent the last month plotting out a different book. I even made a mock-up cover of it, as I tend to do. It’s something different for me – a mystery – and I’m super excited about it. But….it’s not The Stars at Night. It’s not the one that is demanding to be written next, the one that sneaks its way into all my thoughts and makes me feel all exhilarated, the way I’ve only felt before with Someone Else’s Summer.

So I’m gonna chase that feeling, put the mystery on the back burner, and jump into The Stars at Night. Because sometimes you have to let go of your plans and plots and just take your writing where it wants to go.

And this seems to be exactly where it wants to go.

Pitch Madness

Can we talk a bit about writing and expectations and trusting your gut and taking chances?

A while back, I wrote this book. I was so madly in love with it. I couldn’t get enough. For some reason, it took me forever to do anything with it after I finished. But, even so, I still thought I had something special on my hands.

Pitch Madness sign-ups were last month, and on a whim, I entered. I honestly didn’t think I’d even get in – the competition is fierce, and there are SO MANY great authors trying to get in. All told, there were 811 entries. I was sure mine wouldn’t be a finalist, so I didn’t worry about it.

And you know what? I almost didn’t get in. Each host blog got 16 entries. I didn’t get in those 16. Then, Brenda Drake (the Pitch Madness Maven) decided to give each blog one more bonus entry. SOMEONE ELSE’S SUMMER was that 11th-hour bonus entry for Team Rainbow Road.

This week has been a bundle of excitement and nerves and “I’M GONNA ROCK THIS” and “I’M GONNA BE ONE OF THE ONES WITH NO REQUESTS.” Also, a bundle of ice cream making and eating and painting the house. As one does.

Well. What happened? In the end, that little book I loved but didn’t think would even make it in? The one I only entered on a whim? It had SIX agent requests, the most of any of the entries on my team.

The point here–other than to share my excitement–is this: If you think you have something special, you probably do. Self-doubt will creep in and try to convince you otherwise, but don’t let it. Believe in yourself and your story. Take risks with it. You just may be thrilled with the results.